To date we have raised over £601,454

Following the great success at Southampton General Hospital, Tildy’s Trust has contributed a significant proportion of the costs of a full Refurbishment of T12 – the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit for 13-19 year olds at UCLH. This will include:

*   Refurbishing the Recreation room and reconfiguring the space taking out false walls to make the room larger and a more flexible space
*   Upgrading the bedrooms to include bespoke fitted furniture and wall graphics – Upgrading all recliner chairs as the new ones on the market now lie completely flat. This will also include all the specialist single bedrooms that provide essential BMT on the Ward.
*   Upgrading the IT and AV systems. Installing a Welcome Screen in the entrance corridor.
*   Upgrading of corridors with new graphics and new lighting boxes to provide subtle lighting in the evenings.
*   Upgrading of nurses station and providing new nurse work station in space currently unused in the five bedded bay.
*   Upgrading of Sanctuary Room which has multiple use and can be used for supporting families/parents during very difficult times during a Young person’s treatment.

The project is due for completion by the end of 2015.