To date we have raised over £601,454

So many people have done so much to remember Tildy and to raise money for the Trust since she died. Here are some who deserve a special mention:


The Highfield School community for their unbelievable continuing support, raising a further £3,517
Joseph Twyford sent us £750 from from his Bar mitzvah fund-raising
Holy Trinity Church, Bramley held a Jazz Concert which raised over £425
Tower House School, East Sheen (especially Mr Barnett’s year!) who raised £574
Justin Browning who completed the Devizes-Westminster canoe challenge raising £35
Chris Ingledon who completed the Tough Mudder and raised over £2,500
Carola Herring and friends who raised £100 from a parent/children hockey match
Freddie Greenslade, 14, who has raised nearly £50 on his own
Millie Bird raised a massive £500 at her 11th birthday party. She asked friends to give money instead of a present. What a girl! x
Connie Mountain and friends at Highfield School, with the help of Simon Spratley, raised £178 for a Carols CD (available from Highfield)


Georgie Bethwaite and friends at Marlborough College who raised £200 selling t-shirts for a rugby tour
Henny Hinds and the Marley Commoners whose fine carol singing raised £645
North House, Cranleigh School raised £2,568 from charity events
Freddy Campbell who raised £219 from a sponsored headshave
Oaklands Catholic School and Sixth Form College which raised £440 from the Penny Fayre
Toft Farm, near Stafford, which raised £220 from a Summer fete
The Hibbert family for raising £13,000 by completing the 140 mile coast to coast bike challenge
Charlie Conway and friends at Haslemere School who raised £513 from various fund-raising events
Walpole House, King’s Canterbury raised £1,100 selling carnations on Valentine’s Day
Highfield School for continuing to support us and remember Tildy. Two special mentions go to the Beckett Sponsored silence and the Corfield 50 length swim!
Stevens House, Bradfield College raised £250.10 from a charity event
Flora Stratchan and Reeder Harris House at Sherborne Girls who raised £665 selling trackie bottoms
Margaret Maunder who organised the Cranleigh Dance & Fashion Show, raising over £4,000
Morris House, Marlborough College which raised £343 selling Valentine’s Day roses
Tom White who raised £75 on the Devizes – Westminster canoe challenge
Martha Luke did a sky dive for Tildy and raised over £500. Very brave.
In January, Joey Quinn completed the Tough Guy Challenge and raised over £600. What a feat (very few make it!) and he has recovered from hypothermia.
The Alderson family for being very generous financial supporters every year.


Katie Westwater for her sponsored swim which raised £105
The Chiddingfold Ladies Group who donated £150
Hopetoun College, Wellington raised £10,500 from an auction of promises. Extra special thanks to Emily Herring and Judy Waugh.
Tudor Hall School (especially Clemmie Beale) for raising £204
The Adams family and music department at Parkside School who raised £1,300 for a concert
Emma Henderson and friends in the Young Enterprise team at King’s Canterbury School for raising £300
The Zoets, Beamishes, Martins, Mills and everyone who has helped selling Challenge 2012 merchandise
Katie Hinkly who raised £52 from a cake sale
John Mills and residents at the Toft Farm, Staffs raised over £400 at a Summer fete
Lissie Newland raised £450 selling T-shirts, hats and wristbands at Priors Field
Marlborough College (New Court) raised over £3,000 from the Super Sunday Charity walk
Highfield School raised over £7,500 from a range of fund-raising events
G Grimes who donated £75 for landing a hot air balloon at Highfield School
Becks Fairhurst gave £360 from the Milland Christmas Fair
Cubitt House, Cranleigh raised £450 for a musical evening and £1,500 for a Swimathon
James Witcombe took a Cranleigh rugby team on tour to Australia and collected £4,234
Eima Cook raised £434 from her handbag sale at Christmas
Olivia Al Marzook raised £830 on her Eid holiday
The beating team at Peper Harow raised £74


South House at Cranleigh School for raising £488 at a Music Evening and £505 through the sale of house T-Shirts. A grand total of £994!
Dan Hall and everyone at the Crown Inn, Chiddingfold for raising £2,650 from a Pro-Am golf charity dinner auction
Adam Hinton for running in the Berlin Marathon and raising £350
Tom Lewis who raised over £600 swimming in the London Sprint Triathlon
Nicky and Russell Brayshaw on their 50th birthdays asked friends to donate money to the Trust instead of presents raised £212
The Brennan family who have raised nearly £7,000 from a charity bike ride in Botswana and other activities
Lottie Bedford and friends (Henry Agnew, Phoebe Fuller, George Crawley, Bella Hutley, Tallulah O’Hea, Tilly Ayrton-Grime, Helena ‘Peanut’ Brennan, Olivia Garthwaite, James Andrew) who raised over £5,000 on a long walk
Harry Pettit raised over £2,000 for completing the alpine Haute Route challenge
Woodie & Morris, Haslemere, owned by Clive and Mel Rollinson, donated over £700 from their takings
The de Watteville family who gave us £116 of their savings when they heard our collection box had been stolen from the Crown Inn, Chiddingfold
Cranleigh School’s Frankie Denney, Tessa Farrington, Gabie Brown, Georgia Methley, Tori Prew and Chrissie Hoolahan raised over £6,000 completing the Devises to Westminster International Canoe race
Francis Hutley raised over £1,000 from a raffle on the Fourth of June
Tennis for Tildy, organised by the Beamish girls, raised over £2,000
Matthew Quinn who organised a sketch show at Lancing, raising £200
India Hampson who had a cake sale and raised £100
Phoebe Swindon and her friend Maisie who raised £300 from a Pink Cake sale at school

James McClean who organised and managed the Tour de Tildy bike trip. One of the most inspiring things we have seen was Nicholas Myer crossing the finishing line of the Tour de Tildy in his wheelchair, having completed the last mile into Chiddingfold. Nicholas is the grandfather of Will Vernon (one of the T de T riders) who has had both his legs amputated…but it didn’t stop him showing great bravery and spirit. Thank you, Nicholas, for being such a good sport and raising over £1,200 for the Trust.


Ides family
La Fosse family
Peter Stovold at Bective Leslie Marsh
The Stovolds at Eashing Farm
Richard Mein at Parmenion Capital
Everyone at 1st Software
Rob Fuller and the Peper Harow shoot
Cyril Shack Trust
Priorsfield School
The Hampsons and Tufton Oceanic
Wynne Griffith family
Cowdrey family


The Enton Golf day committee: Hamish Robbie, Peter Gwilliam, Simon Bliss and Lucy Matthews
The Newbury Race committee: Caroline Frewer, Bud Vernon, Janette Davidson, Lulu Hutley, Roger Devlin, Charlie Egerton, Rose Neville, Fiona Marner and everyone at Newbury racecourse
The Syms family


Indigo Concept, Will Fairhurst, for supplying our website and IT advice
Enton Tennis organisers, Hamish Robbie and Peter Gwilliam
Jamie Keith for kicking it all off with a headshave