To date we have raised over £601,454

The only way to find a cure for leukaemia and other related cancers is through ground-breaking scientific research. We allocated approximately 52% of funds raised by Tildy’s Trust towards these projects. The remaining 48% went towards improving hospital facilities for young cancer sufferers and their families during treatment which can go on for years.

We viewed research projects like investments: they carry risk. So, to make sure that Tildy’s Trust funds were invested in realistic and viable projects, we worked with charities that do the vetting process. That’s why CHILDREN with CANCER have been invaluable; their Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) considers grant applications which have been submitted through a formal process. This gives Tildy’s Trust the confidence to back projects which we believe would have saved Tildy’s life. Whether that is from preventing the cancer occurring in the first place (say, though a ‘vaccination’) or saving her from relapse after treatment (through immunotherapy).

It is important to understand that research projects are exploratory, so we cannot tell if a project will be the final step towards finding a cure for childhood leukaemia. What we can be sure of, however, is that each step must be taken for the next step to happen. Research projects can take many years and many rounds of funding but the scientists we speak to – in all the areas of specialisation – are convinced that we are close to finding a cure. There is no shortage of belief.

It is also encouraging to see the centres of excellence – which include Royal Marsden, Great Ormond Street, UCLH, Bristol and Manchester – working together and sharing knowledge in the search for a cure.

Below are the research projects we have supported: