To date we have raised over £601,454

Since September 2008, Tildy’s Trust has raised over £600,000 thanks to your incredible generosity. We have distributed all of this to great causes and below is a summary of where your money has been allocated.

Over £311,ooo to scientific research to find a cure for childhood leukaemia and other related diseases

Details of these projects are explained under the Research section of this website.

Over £260,000 towards hospital facilities to provide a better environment for patients and families 

  • £100,000 to the refurbishment of the Teenage Cancer ward at University College London Hospital (UCLH)
  • £50,000 towards the new Teenage Cancer Trust ward at Southampton General Hospital
  • £50,000 to fund the new Hascombe Teenage Cancer Ward at the Royal Surrey Hospital
  • £30,000 to Charlie’s Day Unit, Basingstoke Hospital towards new teenage isolation rooms. This money was raised by the Frewer family for Tildy’s Trust in memory of their son, George.
  • £25,000 to St George’s Hospital, Tooting PICU to buy a new life-saving ventilator
  • £5,000 to Shooting Star CHASE Christopher’s, near Godalming, where Tildy was at rest before her funeral. Christopher’s is a children’s hospice and the donation went towards the Sanctuary Room where parents can retreat for peace.

Over £29,000 towards things that help patients and families while they are undergoing treatment

  • £21,600 to Teenage Cancer Trust activities for young people undergoing treatment in the South and South East
  • £5,000 to RM House, St George’s which provides good accomodation, a well-equipped kitchen and friendship within a three minute walk of the PICU completely free of charge. A hotel in the are would have cost between £75 – £100 per night.
  • £2,500 to CLIC Sargent who give parents invaluable emotional support and generous subsistence grants while their children are in hospital.
  • The Pinkney Paediatric Ward, St. George’s, Tooting needed DVD players for the children to pass the time (and to give parents a break!). We gave them three units which the Ward Matron said made a big difference.