To date we have raised over £601,454
02 July    

Having finished their GCSE exams, eight members of the Cranleigh School UVth from both South and West swapped pens for running shoes on Sunday 24th June and took part in the annual ‘Race for Life’. They were inspired to run in memory of Tildy. The girls wrote: ‘We are participating in Race for Life to represent Matilda Curran. Tildy was the bravest girl you could ever meet and she was a fighter to the very end. Her character and fortitude in the way she dealt with the mental and physical pain of her illness has been an example to us all. She was always happy and smiling whatever the weather! Her spirit and laughter still lives within us.’ 

Appropriately adorned in the trademark pink of ‘Race for Life’ they covered the 5km as a team in 38 minutes, raising an astonishing £1,529.93 for Cancer Research.